All your wholesale Business Telco needs related to Phones, Cloud and Data services on Australia's best national networks.

More than 90% of businesses pay over 20% more than they could be paying. Protel helps you to cut costs while maintaining a high service quality.

When should you contact Protel?

All your wholesale Business Telco needs related to Phones, Cloud and Data services on Australia’s best national networks.

The Products We Specialise In Include

Phone and data services

Phone systems – traditional and hosted IP phones

Fully managed telecommunications solutions

One-off cost and service audits

Contract reviews and independent consultancy

Office relocations


Business Values

Protel’s core values are based around being Accountable, Honest, Reliable, Trustworthy and Proactive. With over 20 years experience in Telecommunications and dealing with our Customers, our Team has realised, if you constantly measure and aim to improve on the core values, then the end result will be - ‘FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER AND ALL ELSE WILL FALL INTO PLACE’

Wholesale relationships and suppliers

Protel has wholesale arrangements covering all the major networks across Australia including Telstra, NBN, AAPT and Vocus to name a few. What this means to our customer is: greatly improved discounted rates, more choice and options to consider, saves our customers time, not having to speak to multiple vendors and network providers.

No Telemarketers or direct Sales people

Protel do not have Telemarketers or a direct Sales Team. Most of our new customers come to Protel via a referral from an existing customer or supplier. Our Business Retention rate is better than 98% which is very unique in this industry. This reinforces the Values of the business.

Market Tested

All Protel’s product offerings and support services have been tested over time and through Teir 1 providers. We will only recommend services that we would use in our own business.

Business - Industrial and Commercial Auctions

Protel works with any business size – from a small two person businesses through to large national multi office enterprise. Over 90% of our clients come to Protel through a referral from another client or industry contact. Our business retention rate is over 98%, which speaks for our exceptional service, profound knowledge and efficient telecommunications solutions. Read what our clients say about us.

Our Partners

Protel is the recommended telecommunication specialist for many other businesses in Australia, such as cost reduction specialists, industry consultants, IT specialists, phone system providers and member-based groups. Our alliance with multiple wholesalers gives us the edge to deliver a more flexible solution for our clients.

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