Partner Program

Maximise the benefits from your industry contacts and customer base by becoming your own Telecommunications service provider. You sell and Protel manage the rest

The benefits include:

What’s in it for Protel?

Protel provide all the above support services for a small monthly fixed fee based on the customer spend level and you retain the majority of the recurring revenue from your customer’s account. No hidden costs and very transparent.

Ideal business to partner with the Protel model include:

IT Specialist

As IT, Phone and Data services are now an integrated product requirement for most businesses, it makes sense to bundle these into a single point of contact for your customer.

Phone System Technicians

Your existing clients already depend on SIP and Data services to operate the phones. Why not benefit from additional recurring revenue while improving your client retention and value.

Phone and Data resellers and sales people

Employed and on commission with a monthly salary. No security or long term asset growth. Take control of your future and grow a valuable re-sellable asset of your own.

Business Advisors and Consultants

The Protel Partner Program is a good additional product offering to generate more revenue. After all, every business you are speaking to needs phone and data services and the majority are paying more than they could be and in many cases lacking the support from their incumbent Telco provider.

Our Experts are here to help. Are you ready to grow your business?

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