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When was the last time your business had a no cost or obligation independent audit completed on your Telecommunication services and costs?

Welcome to Protel

We Are Business Communication Experts

Since the mid-90’s, the team at Protel has been providing a range of specialised telecommunication services to businesses across Australia.

What makes Protel different?

The best Australian networks, products and services at a lower cost – Protel’s clients have access to the best networks in Australia for their Voice and Data services. However due to several reasons, the majority of businesses continue to pay a minimum of 20% more than they could be paying. Our Wholesale arrangements are not based on set rate plans or commission based Sales Teams, so we can formulate the savings and new rates to meet the client’s objectives and minimise the cost.

Independent, no-cost and no-obligation audit

Many other companies in Australia who provide an audit service charge upfront fees and/or a large % of the savings and do not guarantee the savings or provide ongoing support. Many are not independent and the savings are based on set pricing plans tiered to the customers spend level. Our audit is provided at no cost and we will maximise the potential for our clients to reduce costs, uncover issues with your current billing and explain a range of options to achieve our client’s objectives and the best result for your business.

Vested commitment

The majority of staff at Protel have a financial vested interest in our business. This creates a focus on long-term relationship management with our clients and exceeding their expectations. We’re passionate about long term relationships with our clients. The result is a better than 98% business retention rate. 

Specialised account management

Our clients have a direct line and single point of contact at Protel for all their needs. The majority of our account management team have been advising to the same business since the relationship commenced. How many proactive account managers has your incumbent network provider had managing your business communications over the past 5 years?

When should you contact Protel?

When you want to get serious about cost reduction and demand more from your businesses communication services.

What Protel Clients Say

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