Independent Telecommunications Audit

Do you use all
you pay for?

With a free telecommunications audit, Protel finds out what is the real value of your current costs and services related to your businesses communication needs.

With an independent telecommunications audit you can get a clear view of your main cost drivers and your cost reduction potential. Here we answer all questions you might have about the audit, what benefits it’ll give you and how it works.

When should I have Protel complete an audit for my business?

The audit can be completed at any time and your business will benefit from the audit in 100% of cases. Protel highly recommends an audit to be completed a few months prior to the contract end date of your current fixed line, mobile, data or office phone contracts. Our research has shown that without an audit being completed, a business will not maximise the result of new contract negotiations.

What is needed for Protel to conduct an audit?

All we need to conduct an initial audit is a recent month’s complete copy of a fixed line, mobile and data bill. The information you provide to us is strictly confidential, not provided to any other 3rd party company and only used for the purposes of the audit.

What is the cost to have the audit completed?

There is no cost in requesting Protel to complete an audit. The audit will provide your business with valuable feedback. Depending on your particular needs, current situation and long-term objectives, Protel will outline a range of options to achieve your objectives.

How does Protel’s audit identify savings for clients of a minimum 20% in over 90% of cases?

Protel achieves results for our clients through a combination of:

What size of business does Protel provide services to?

Protel will assist any size of business. Our clients range in size from two employees through to international organisations with multiple offices locations and 1,000’s of staff.

Will Protel audit and independently advise on other proposals our business may receive?

Yes. Protel often receive sales proposals from our clients to review and provide feedback on the true impact to their business. More often than not, issues are identified and explained to the client and the client avoids committing to a service and cost that will not result in real benefits.

How can I get my free audit?

Get serious about cost reduction and demand more from your businesses communication services. We’ll do an independent review of your current communication services.

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